What is the SubRip (*.srt) Script to LyRiCs (*.lrc) File Conversion Tool?

The SubRip (*.srt) to LyRiCs (*.lrc) Conversion Tool is really a subtitle conversion device employed to convert scripts from SubRip (*.srt) subtitle structure to LyRiCs (*.lrc) subtitle structure automatically. It lets you download the transformed scripts very easily to your Pc or simply copy it to your clipboard right after conversion


How To Use The SubRip (*.srt) Script to LyRiCs (*.lrc) Conversion Tool

Step 1: Upload Script Or Paste Code that is in SubRip (*.srt) file format

To select the file that you would probably desire to transform from SubRip (*.srt) subtitle format to LyRiCs (*.lrc) subtitle structure, just upload the file by clicking the "Choose File" button, and browse for the the SubRip (*.srt) file you want to alter into the LyRiCs (*.lrc) subtitle script structure from your computer. You may also paste the SubRip (*.srt) script code straight on to the vacant field labeled "SubRip (*.srt) Code".

Step 2: Convert File Or Code to the LyRiCs (*.lrc) script format

Now that you've uploaded your SubRip (*.srt) file for Conversion (Or pasted the code to get transformed), you might want to convert it to LyRiCs (*.lrc) script format. To do that, you just need to click the "Convert To LyRiCs (*.lrc)" button and wait for the script to become transformed into the LyRiCs (*.lrc) subtitle script format. Your SubRip (*.srt) script will automatically be transformed to LyRiCs (*.lrc) structure.

Step 3: Download Or Copy The Converted LyRiCs (*.lrc) Script!

And that is all there's to it. Save or download the converted LyRiCs (.lrc) File into your personal computer. Or copy the transformed code from the field labeled " Copy The LyRiCs (*.lrc) Code Below" or download it as a LyRiCs (.lrc) Script file by clicking on "Download As File" button.

About SubRip (*.srt)

The SubRip (*.srt) file format, is perhaps the most simple of all subtitle formats. It comprises,

  1. A numeric counter pinpointing out each sequential subtitle
  2. The time which the subtitle should show up on the screen, accompanied by --> and the time it needs toy disappear
  3. Subtitle textual content by itself on a number of lines
  4. A blank line that contains no text, indicating the end of the subtitle


00:20:41,150 --> 00:20:45,109
- How did he do that?
- Manufactured him an offer he couldn't refuse.


The SubRip (*.srt) .srt file format is supported by most software video players listed in The SubRip (*.srt) format is supported directly by many subtitle creation/editing tools, and some hardware home media players. In August 2008, YouTube added subtitle support to its videos.

About LyRiCs (*.lrc)

LRC (short for LyRiCs) is a computer file structure that synchronizes song lyrics with the audio file, for example MP3, Vorbis or MIDI. When an audio file is played with selected music players on a pc or on modern day digital audio players, the track lyrics are displayed. The lyrics file normally has precisely the same name like the audio file, with a special filename extension. Such as, song.mp3 and song.lrc. The LRC structure is text-based and similar to subtitle files.

Simple format

Easy LRC format was launched by Kuo (Djohan) Shiang-shiang's Lyrics Displayer. It was among the initial applications, if not the 1st, that tried to simulate Karaoke performance. It displays an entire line of lyrics, but it is possible to display a phrase at a time, such as a person would see in modern-day Karaoke machines, by making a time tag for every phrase rather then Just about every line.

The road Time Tags are inside the structure [mm:ss.xx] exactly where mm is minutes, ss is seconds and xx is hundredths of a second.

  • Normal example:
[00:12.00]Line one lyrics
[00:17.20]Line 2 lyrics
[00:21.10]Line three lyrics
[mm:ss.xx]last lyrics line

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