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The DubbingKing Software - A Comprehensive Audio-Visual Translation (AVT) Software For Windows

The Dubbing King software caters for various Audio-Visual Translation (AVT) modes. It is used for subtitling, translation and the dubbing processes.

Welcome To The DubbingKing Transcription, Captioning, and Subtitling Portal

We pride ourselves in the quality and accuracy of our transcripts, captions, subtitles. We follow strict transcription, captioning and subtitling processes, to deliver world-class transcription, captioning, and subtitling services to our valued clients. With high quality powerful AI-driven machine translators, and speech-to-text engines, coupled with a large network of professional transcribers from all over the world, we guarantee you, high quality, and accurate transcripts, captions, and subtitles. Our affordable pricing ranges are flexible depending on your desired turnaround time in days.

1. Upload Audio

Make sure you give your audio file a unique and descriptive name before uploading, avoid vague names such as ‘audio.mp3’, ‘file.mp3’,  etc. Instead maybe name it as ‘Interview With The President of RTG Company – 30th October 2015.mp3’.

2. More Information (Personal, and Audio - File, Details)