21 Most Interesting Facts About Language Translation – Research Done By Winny Moraa Obiso

21 Most Interesting Facts About Language Translation - Research Done By Winny Moraa Obiso - DubbingKing

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But dubbing King software presents 21 most interesting facts about language translation, a comprehensive guide, 21 most interesting facts about language translation. What didn’t you know about translation? There are many things you don’t know about translation services. A good translation service is a versatile service that can do just about anything you ask them to. These services have a way of sneaking in places that you thought have no place for the translation industry, but they come in and they have a jolly good time and make you realize that, yes, they are useful. Many a time people try to deny the existence of translation services and translators, negating their use and their effectiveness. However, time and time again, this industry has proven to be useful, resourceful and sprightly in situations that are rather dull and boring. Translation services are everywhere around you. The person sitting next to you could be a translator. No serious check with the demand for translation services rising with every passing hour. Translation services are getting diverse and very entertaining. Here are some interesting facts about language translators, translation services and everything in between that you never knew. One translation prowess to extreme. When people think of a translator, they imagine a dusty old woman sitting in her pyjamas with nervy glasses perched on her nose, probably with a bad head full of bed, hair and a social pariah. Well, some of that description is true, but most of it is not. Maybe. But have you wondered why is that? Why do these people sit at home in front of their computers all the time and not care about how they look?

Because an average translator translates 300 oh oh oh two one oh oh oh oh oh oh words in a year.

And this is the statistics of an average translator. Things go to extreme levels if the translator is working with a translation service provider. So next time you judge a translator by his or her looks. Think of the entire great translation prowess they have to in our foreign held town. Many people believe that there are never enough certified translators to help them with their translation needs. However, their facts need some fact checking. According to the recent survey, there are over 300000 certified translators. That is enough to fill a whole town people, three most translators in the world. Many companies complain that there are few translators to be found when they need them, considering the above points. I don’t believe these people. The companies who complain the most often are American. And guess what? Most of the translators belong to America. That’s right. Forty five percent of the translation community live in America. For most often translated. The people who claim English is the language of the Internet are very seriously wrong. The world is beyond the English language and we have the data to prove it. According to research, the languages that are mostly translated into other languages are English, French, German, Italian and Russian. Yes, folks, people now prefer to read things in their own languages. Thank you very much. Five most often translated into. And do you want to know which languages are chosen to reach more people and a greater niche market? You do. The chosen languages are French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

The word is finally out. Six, even French and German loved to read. We all know that there are people who love to read and then there are people who inhale books like nobody’s business. And it turns out French speaking as German speaking people love to read or inhale books, too, because in the first decade of the 21st century, novels and books of all sources and types were translated into German and French more than any other language and professional translation service providers translated, most of them, seven English and Arabic are the same almost. Many people complain that their English to Arabic translator didn’t do a good job. They base this complaint about the fact that the translator didn’t use the correct punctuation. Well, did you know that Arabic and English have the same punctuation marks? Yes, they do. Even though they don’t have any common roots, they have the same punctuation system. So next, go easy on the poor. TRANSLATOR eight The word. It’s the word. Do you know which English word is most difficult to translate? It is set or sets. Surprised. Don’t be. Set is the single most difficult English word to translate into another language. Because it has several meanings and contexts that can create feel a whole universe. It has many definitions and connotations and it becomes very difficult to find an appropriate word for it in another language that has the same meaning and connotation. Nine. No need for punctuations here.

Contrary to popular belief, the Chinese language, both traditional and simplified, uses punctuation marks. Whoever started this rumor did not understand how the Chinese language works. The Chinese language has punctuation marks, and the quality of translation services have been trying to make the world see the light for a very long time. Ten vowels are tricky. Vowels are very tricky to translate, especially when a translator has to convert them into a vowel, free language. Languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic to Grenier and Amharic have no vowels. And when the translators have to translate words like facetious and abstemious, you can imagine things can get a little nightmarish for them. Words containing vowels are not easy to translate to people. Eleven, some languages are just done difficult. People believe that every single thing can be translated in a matter of minutes. And sometimes it is indefinitely true. However, there are some languages that are just too difficult and to make sure the quality of the translation is good. The translators take some extra time. Some of the most difficult languages in the world include Arabic, Hungarian, Japanese, Finnish, Korean, Navajo, Icelandic, Basque, Polish and Chinese. So next time you are getting something translated into one of these languages, give some breathing room to the translator. He knows what he is doing. Twelve difficult words to translate. There are words in languages that are very difficult to understand, let alone translate into other languages. However, time and time again we come across words that boggle our minds because they’re impossible to translate into other languages.

There is no way we can translate words like J.S. a poor joke so bad you cannot help but laugh at it. Or Kirikou Marmor, a woman who pushes her kids to get good grades or tattle. The hesitation when feel while introducing a person when you have forgotten their name. Thirteen. The easiest language to translate. There is a language that is far easier than English to translate. According to most translators, with years of experience, Spanish is the easiest language to translate to or into. This is because in Spanish, everything is written as it sounds, which makes it the easiest language to learn and translate. You can find very little grammatical irregularities in Spanish language, and this is the reason people prefer Spanish to many, many international languages. Fourteen. The average salary of a translator. Translation services are not the easiest and it is not the best paying job in the world. This is not a business, mainly because there are so many misconceptions about translation services that people are really not aware of the benefits this little community can bring them. The average salary of a translator ranges between twenty two thousand three hundred and eleven dollars and thirty eight thousand dollars per annum. The most experienced translators can earn between seventy nine thousand dollars and eighty thousand four hundred and thirty one dollars per annum. Fifteen. Six hundred and forty thousand translators. This is how many are estimated in the world.

Source Translators, Association of China, THC, 25 percent of these are working as freelancers. 16, 520000 words a year. That is what a translator working full time can be estimated to translate per year, an industry benchmark for translater output is around 250 words within an hour. Coincidentally, the average active vocabulary of an adult English speaker is said to be around 20000 words. A passive one will have around 40000 words, according to The Economist, 17. The person who speaks the most language is. Ziad Feyza, the Guinness World Record holder, for speaking the number of languages, goes to this Liberian born Lebanese polyglots, Fazer claims to read and speak 58 languages, including Arabic, Polish, Thai, Urdu, Norwegian and many more. While Fazer has proven his abilities to achieve the record, there have been some questions marks, most notably an appearance on a chilling TV program where he failed to understand beginner level phrases in Finnish. Russian, Chinese, Persian, Hindi and Greek, all of which he claims to be fluent in 18, the most translated document. It’s not surprising that the most translated literary work in history is the Bible that has been translated into two thousand nine hundred and thirty two languages. UNESCO has an online database named Index Translation Him, which shows a list of all the books translated all over the world. The most translated document, however, is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, developed by the United Nations in 1948. It was translated into 370 languages and contains six pages 19, the most translated authors.

Agatha Christie 7233 Translation’s, Jules Verne, 4000, 751 translations. And William Shakespeare 4000 293 translations are the most translated authors, according to recent translation data. The title for the most languages into which the same book has been translated goes to The Way to Happiness by Scientology author Ron Hubbard. It can be read in 70 languages as of 2010 20. The most expensive language combination. Several factors influence the cost of a translation. Supply and demand is the most important factor impacting cost. A translator’s origin and current location can also make a difference. Translators based in countries with a high cost of living have to charge more for their services to sustain their careers using the US as an example. According to Slater dot com, the priciest language pairs in the USA are English to Japanese and English to Korean, with the average price reaching 57 cents per word. 21, the world’s most translated Web site is. While you would expect a site such as Wikipedia, Google or Apple to take this title, the title of the most translated Web site in the world goes to Jehovah’s Witnesses. J.W. dot org. They list over 900 language options on their Web site. Jehovah’s Witnesses will immediately begin translating each of their publications into every language in which they use. They are on a mission to spread their faith to every corner of the globe, and they are making use of language translation to achieve their goals.

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