Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Audio And Video – Research Done By Winny Moraa Obiso

Reasons Why You Should Transcribe Your Audio And Video - Research Done By Winny Moraa Obiso - DubbingKing

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But dubbing King software presents reasons why you should transcribe your audio and video. A comprehensive guide, reasons why you should transcribe your audio and video. Before we could even think of audio and video files we consumed in the form of print written form. There were no recording tools or cam coders to record and capture videos together with audios as we move with time and new ways of disseminating information come up. It is good to note that there are people who would want to consume different information in a text format. Many people more so those who love reading prefer content in written form as compared to those people who loved visual presentations and because of that, prefer to get information through videos. There is the other category. Who prefers their content in the form of audio? Different strokes for different folks for sure. I am in the category of people who love consuming content is in video or audio format. The reason I prefer these two is that my concentration span is up to a bare minimum and having all my senses in use usually helps me to be more alert. Unlike when I’m reading and lend up dozing off, someone else might disagree with that and say that reading up content helps them concentrate more and avoid the distractions that might come with watching videos or listening to audio. The three main ways that businesses use to relay informational content in 2020 are through the three forms that I have mentioned above, and that is a podcast, audio, video and blogs, text format.

We can consume this content can in all these three formats, but not all content is well and perfectly relayed to the public through all the formats. Different content works well if relayed in the form of a blog and others in the form of podcasts or videos. Video and audio formats usually work well with content that is artsy and includes illustrations for better comprehension, while blog format suffer information that is vast and needs a lot of explaining and detachment of links. When a business puts content out there, I believe it’s not just for the sake of it, but they have a target audience and a target in terms of engagement and achieving a certain name. The particular content they repurpose is to reach a wider target audience and be able to generate a passive income for the business. Transcription services are what a lot of businesses uses to repurpose the audio and video content into blog content. What’s his transcription? Transcription is more so a film production process that involves converting audio and video file formats into scripts or text file format scyther using transcription software or just general ways of transcription. A professional transcriptionist can do it, or even normal day to day individuals who would love to repurpose their content in order for them to make a passive income through blogging. In this article, we will answer this one question that many people ask why transcription reasons to repurpose your audio and video through transcription.

Below are reasons why choose to repurpose your audio and video content more. This new decade one many people love listening to podcasts and watch videos in this digital age that we are living in. The reason I get when I ask why they prefer that over reading blogs is that it’s easy to consume this content even when you are busy doing something else and thus making it super convenient. I agree with that. The thing with audio and video content is that it gives a visual representation and feel of the content that you are consuming and thus making it more enjoyable and fun to engage with. While there are those who love these two formats, there is another percentage of individuals who would rather consume their content through reading. Those of us who can have preferences for certain things over others are lucky because there is a group of people who do not have the privilege to choose. There are people who are deaf and others who have a hearing problem which makes it hard for them to consume audio and video content. This is where transcription comes in handy because businesses can cater to all audiences without making others feel left out. It makes all content inclusive. We all know incivility is a core factor in business is because there is no one getting into entrepreneurship without wanting to offer a solution for a specific problem and later on making a profit out of it too.

We are a global village nowadays and someone anywhere in the world can have access to information or content is in a different language to the one they speak. The content might be in an English language or a language that the viewer is more conversant with, but the accent’s being used are thick core inaudible to comprehend. In such a situation, the viewer would love to get an option of the same content in a format that they will easily consume and comprehend. The simplest and cheapest way to repurpose that information is through transcription. There are definitely different ways a business can repurpose their audio and video content, and that is through dubbing. But dubbing is a very expensive film process. Transcription would come in handy in such a situation. If you translate and transcribe your content into text and post it online as a blog and be able to create a passive income. Three. As much as I form part of the percentage of people who love consuming content through listening to podcasts or watching videos, sometimes I usually wish that I could have the same content in written form. When in a busy, noisy public place and would love to get into some content, listening or watching content is usually very annoying and strenuous. And those are times when I love having written content for my consumption. Another example would be when in the library and I come across an interesting video that I would love to watch and that time I don’t have earphones.

I usually appreciate it when I find a written version of the same content. With this we can see that transcribed content usually comes in handy in different situations where people cannot consume audio and video files for when searching for information online. It’s normally easy to get block format content on Google them to get audio or video content on YouTube or any other video content sites. Google search engine optimization might get you all the files you are looking for by merely searching for a word in line with the content you are looking for. Perhaps writing video and audio titles also helps with search engine optimization, but it’s not on the same scale as written text content with search engine optimization. It S.C., if not easier, to find content through search engines and rank on the search engine page results like sir. This shows that people consume a lot of blogs content compared to video or audio content formats, so transcription services are important for creating these written formats of contents. Five. Another benefit of transcribing your audio and video content is how easy it becomes for people to search for the particular information you are trying to pass in your content through search engine optimization. Ever wondered why most people love going through written text format when looking for information than sitting through a 50 minutes podcast or video content? Well, it is because some readers like myself know that written content easily highlights important information.

However much in audio or video file might have subtitles, you still have to rewind and forwards several times before you reach the point that the information you are looking for is. As for it in format, it’s just easy to sift through and get what you are looking for. But transcribed text content will come in handy for people who don’t want to waste time looking for specific information to finish. It is very important for content creators to strive to create inclusive content for all its consumers. This not only cuts across a large audience, but it also creates a passive income when posted online. We are living in a digital age where you can find anything and everything can by the click of a mouse. So it would be smart if content creators could take advantage of all the tools available to them freely in an age where everyone has a YouTube page and putting out video content. It would be very smart if one can transcribe their information and YouTube content into blog posts, which with time will start generating an income in 2020 and beyond. Repurposing content is the way to go and if you are not with it, then I suggest that you get with it because 10 years from now you will wish you you knew.

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