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The dubbing King Software presents. Video marketing tips for tough competition. A comprehensive guide. Why do you need video marketing for your business? If you ask someone, which is the best content format for engagement and hype in the digital realm without batting an eyelid, the person would answer video. Yes. Video content is the most favored and used content marketing format these days, and there's no stopping to it. And thus, marketers everywhere crave for robust video marketing tips. Anyone spending a significant amount of time on the Internet can swear and tell that videos have taken the lead position in the types of content people enjoy. Not long back videos were considered to be just texta. That was nice to have, but not actually needed. And now it is imperative for business success. This had to happen, of course, given the change in the taste of people, graphics and text, Salone cannot make it big. Creating marketing videos do not come cheap. So we must shift all our focus on getting the most of it. You may post your videos on your company website and share it on social channels. But what can you do beyond that? To smell the success in video marketing as a business owner? You must be aware of the trends in the videos. People see like square videos are less liked by the audience than horizontal videos. Another trend is the sudden popularity of live videos. By now, we all know that producing videos for social media channels are not just for the sake of engagement, but have a far reaching effect on any business.

Having videos at your disposal sets the stage for you and puts you in an advanced position than your competitors yet lagging behind. Twelve video marketing tips that will bring you success. One don't share. Post your videos natively. So you are all set with your highly engaging video, start posting it on every relevant social media channel into the growing usage of social media these days. Don't stop yourself to one or two channels. Only find the entire platform you assumed to be optimal and post your videos there. Keep in mind to post them and not just share posting your videos as native content will fetch 10x more shares than YouTube links. Sharing YouTube links don't work much as compared to posting your videos natively on Facebook or other platforms, a direct feature in your audiences feet has almost 135 percent increases in organic reach than third party links. Also, you can create a video roll or a video gallery when you post your videos on a single platform. That's much easier for your audience to navigate the contents. You may also choose a featured content, if you may edit the videos. Choose an apt thumbnail, enable auto play, incorporate the subtitles in your preferred language, and also put a call to action, urging the viewers to act to put captions or subtitles for better audience retention. And Deseo. Most of the videos posted on social media channels play automatically without sound until the UN mute button is clicked.

So isn't it better to let your audience comprehend what's going on in the video before they watch it with sound? Captioning your video and translating it into another language that your audience prefers is a good way to charm your audience. Captions or subtitles help a lot to understand the motive of a video or a film. And that's the reason all the regional movies we get to see in the global film festivals have subtitles. In fact, you might be surprised to know that 80 percent of viewers who have no hearing loss prefer videos with subtitles. No one may argue how come people so prefer captions and subtitles in the times of visual contents? Well, there is always an answer for you. Yes, it's true that the human brain perceives visuals more than texts. But sometimes when the text is in sync with what's going on screen texts to help. It is easier to understand the visuals as well as the narration if there are captions at the disposal. And not only this, having captions in your videos, add to your MCO arsenal, too, because you are giving the search engines spiders something to crawl and rank you in the search results. Your videos who drank better with subtitles as you are helping Google or any other search engine in indexing and relevance. Three, you just have three seconds. Thanks to the evolving technology. But this fact could be detrimental for your video to perform adequately amongst your audience.

You just have three to five seconds in your hand to grab their attention and make a mark in their mind. Your target audience expects that you kindle their interest but fast enough. So you need a good hook to keep them hooked. Stunning visuals. Highly engaging content and a thrilling background score your ingredients for a short but sweet video that grabs the audience's attention within seconds. Videos that tickle your funny bone get more shares and likes because they have a charisma to grab people's attention right from the beginning. And with Instagram joining the league with IJI TV, your video marketing could go to the next level. But with videos under 60 seconds for place, your branding through storytelling. Often a Spirent marketers who have just taken up video marketing forget one thing. This mode of marketing is not always about bragging about one's brand or driving sales. Video marketing is a way to generate awareness about your brand through a series of stories. Stories that are not purely focused on sales topics and which connects with the audience create the script in such a way that they resonate with your audience, making them feel familiar with the situation shown in the video. This is one of the most vital video marketing tips that a marketer must keep in mind. Know how to put your brand message and how your brand can help them through storytelling that they enjoy. Don't always push your latest promotion on social media. Rather, reach out and engage play on their psyche while they relax and show something they find connecting with them.

Thereby you can generate brand awareness because Facebook or other social media platforms are all about raising brand awareness and not direct response. Five Share more live videos along with the pre-recorded ones. Talking about shining in video marketing in 2018 and beyond. Go live. Yes. Live videos are all the rage nowadays and have a greater outreach than any other form of video. Why are people going gaga over live videos? What secret sauce do they have in them all because of the personal touch? The more there's a personal touch, the higher is the connection and the more a connection gets intimate. Your videos tend to have a higher chance of carving in each of them. Live videos are the best form of creating a personal connection with your audience because what they see is what they get. Live videos are excellent engagement tools because there are no hourlong editing involved. It's more like an uncut or unpolished version of what you want to show to your audience. Be it a product launch or promotion for a new release or a behind the scene clip of your company operations. This touch of real time factor works so well for this generation. You may also opt for a live Q and A session that will gather some substantial momentum from your target audience. Facebook, Clive, Instagram stories are all being used by individuals and companies like hotcakes. So why don't you leverage these tools to find out the marketing influences of your field and go for a live interview with them and webcast it? Your subscriber base will hit it.

Big six. Bring your videos to Full Circle Square. Everything is changing. Even the pace of change is changing. The world has taken a drastic shift towards mobile from desktop. Hence, your videos must cater to the available real estate on the screen of a smartphone. Square videos with an aspect ratio of one to one now, now a vital part of video watching on smartphones. These videos are gradually outperforming landscape videos as the former cover more screen space at one time, minus 78 percent. Thus, views likes shares. And lastly, engagement are much higher pertaining to square videos. So as your video marketing strategy for 2018 and the coming years, start optimizing your videos, changing the aspect ratio to square as people are 67 percent more likely to engage with a square video than a horizontal one. Seven Create videos around the most common marketing mistakes people make. To her is human. So it is quite reasonable for people to make mistakes. Similarly, several marketers make such blunders that cost them heavily. Find out the most common mistakes people do while they start using the Internet for marketing or while they take up social media marketing. Talk about those mistakes in your videos and offer solutions to them. This is a highly significant topic to be made into a video that will elevate your stature to a marketing expert. Because when you talk about blunders and how to avoid them, you fix your position as an expert in that particular field.

This increases your fan bases that are in a desperate search for a solution, thus driving them to come to you and watch your videos more and more for 2018 and the years to come. Start planning to create video content that emphasizes common blunders and how to avoid them. A small step from you can lead to a big leap for your business altogether. Eight. Apply relevant keywords in your script and optimize. Give something to the search engine spiders to crawl upon, as we all know, for a good page ranking, we have to satisfy the algorithms of a search engine to get this done. You must optimize your videos in such a manner that they show up in the search results. How would you do it? Stack your script with relevant keywords that both your users and search engines will find useful. Don't use them too much or it will be superfluous. Find the perfect balance to put your keywords for indexing purposes. And since YouTube is the biggest online video streaming platform, ranking higher on the platform is the most coveted thing today. The more you rank high, the better is your chance of getting seen by your audience and your success in video marketing. Nine. Find out the actual purpose you want to serve with the videos. Ask yourself why exactly you watch a video. What do you expect from a video to offer you be in the shoes of your audience and understand the ultimate purpose you want to serve with your content, whether you are aware about your brand or generate trust through a video testimonial of happy clients? Or do you want to promote an upcoming event? Find out the purpose you are investing in your videos.

Get the sense of what exactly goes inside the audiences head while they watch your contents. Only then you would get solid traction from your audience. The art of storytelling goes a long way and has been approve and factor to arouse interest. Use the storytelling art and keep your script informative. But in a narrative manner, once your videos start serving the actual purpose, relationships will build and engagements will happen. Ten How to videos or process videos bring more visibility. Show a process or a strategy through your videos that help their users achieve a task, score a goal. Often people find themselves at a loss as to how to proceed with something they want to at that moment. If your video gives those answers and shows the process, definitely you will get more views standing in 2018. One can swear and tell that it's way challenging to cope up with the trends trends that change with every passing day. A process video or a how to video guides a person and shows a linear way to accomplish a task. It may be showing a step by step process to create a YouTube account or a handy guide to create some DIY stuff or maybe a process to drive your leads to your sales funnel.

Or it can be a stepwise process. Video showing how to use after effects properly. It can be anything. Gear up and start planning for your next process video to bring more visibility to your brand. Eleven create videos with emotion, not just marketing message. For a remarkable video marketing success, one must create videos that whose, with emotion, entertainment and information striking a perfect balance between the three is the key. A video content that plays on the emotional quotient of a viewer is certain to be liked and shared more than a video that focuses only on sales pitching and the Turse topic, devoid of any emotion. Showing a heart warming story through your video will hook the audience till the end because they will wait to find what happens in the end. So apart from marketing videos, also published videos that touch the heart, not only the brain. Twelve. Don't forget to include CTD in your videos. Do you want your audience to sign up for your weekly newsletters or download a promo coupon, or should they visit your Web site? For every action, your video must have a CTA button. A strong call to action acts as a launch pad for the viewers to take their action in a jiffy. Hold the CTA text on a still frame with a single color background. Highlighting the text include a CTA within the first 10 seconds of the video.

The last few seconds can also be used. Placement of an APT CTA, a.k.a. a call to action, is of paramount importance these days. And as the competition tightens, the more you urge people to take action is better. Don't let people forget you as soon as the video ends. Instead, keep a permanent mark in their mind. In any case, don't ignore these actionable texts as those will help in conversion. Wrapping up. There is no fixed formula or marketing tip to smell success in video marketing. It is a thing of persistence and patience. You must keep on trying until you reach the summit. But yes, you must ensure that your methods and techniques involved are correct. And on the track, more and more people are shifting to video content. So like so your efforts should entail engagement and connection, build trust and relationship through content that really matter to your target audience. If you think video marketing is tough and yields no fruitful result, you would make a mistake. It is all about organizing and planning your steps before entering the battlefield with a proper strategy. You can make your preproduction and post-production smoother and cost effective than ever. Keep your content short, informative and entertaining. Add a pinch of humor, find a purpose and share content with emotion. Optimize the videos for each social platform and include appropriate CTD. That's all. Follow at least one of the video content marketing tips mentioned above. For a month and you will get to see a visible change in your traction, views and engagement rate.

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