September 2019

What Is Translation? - DubbingKing

What Is Translation?

What Is The Definition Of Translation? Translation deciphers the meaning of the written word from one language to another. Translators must capture the content, style, and form of the original text accurately and precisely and then render it into the target language. What Does Translation Involve? The translator must read the text in the source …

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What Is Video Time-Coding? - DubbingKing

What Is Video Time-Coding?

What is Time-coding in Film-Making? Time-code is a reference number given to a specific point in time within a media file. They’re added to film/video in order to facilitate logging, file organizing, and make searching for specific elements more simple. What Does Time-Coding Involve? Where and why are time-codes used in film? What is the …

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What is subtitling Dubbing King

What Is Video Subtitling?

What is Subtitling in Film-Making? Subtitling is the process of translating the spoken dialogue into written text on the screen. It is a type of audiovisual translation, with its own set of rules and guidelines.  What Are The Most Common Universal Specifications, Of A Good Subtitle? Ideally, a subtitle should have a minimum duration of a …

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What is voice over Dubbing King Image

What is Voice Over Recording?

What is Voice Over Recording in Film-Making? Voice-over (also known as off-camera or off-stage commentary) is a production technique where a voice that is not part of the narrative is used in a radio, television production, film-making, theater, or other presentations. What Is The Difference Between Voice-Over And Dubbing? Voice-over should not be confused with the process of replacing dialogue with a translated version, which is called dubbing or re-voicing. …

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