Why Watch Non-Hollywood, Foreign Films With Subtitles?

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Why Watch Non-Hollywood, Foreign Films With Subtitles? - DubbingKing

Have you ever wondered if what you would miss out on when you constantly ignore foreign films and watch Hollywood Films? For the longest time, it was impossible to interact with foreign films and it was only possible for people who understood the foreign languages used in the films. Those days are long gone and because of the introduction of film subtitles, it is very easy to interact with foreign films and join in the fun. There very many reasons you should be watching foreign films with subtitles in 2020 if you are not doing so already. Below we will look at some reasons why you should be watching foreign films.

Top 10 Successful Foreign Films

1. Imaginative

Am I the only person who always feels like normal films have become redundant?  These films have the same story-line from start to finish and they always have the same actors and actresses. In an action film movie, if you don’t find the lead actor being James Bond then it is very possible that you will find another famous actor as the lead. It gets boring and repetitive, to the extent that the audience doesn’t have that imaginative feeling that films are supposed to evoke. Watching foreign films will guarantee you this imaginative feel that we all go looking for when we watch films. Watching foreign films will take you on a roller coaster of imaginations on the ending of a film or on how character roles change from episode to episode. You should get out of your comfort Hollywood films and start embracing foreign films with subtitles and I promise you, you won’t regret it. You will even be surprised by how intriguing foreign films will be.

2. Discovery

Another reason you should watch foreign films is because of all the discoveries you will make. For the longest time, Hollywood movies have always been our go-to, and it reached a point where they stopped trying hard enough to write intriguing stories. For the longest time, they have opted to write repetitive story scripts that are not worth exploring and there is nothing new to discover from them. Watching foreign movies with subtitles will have you on a wanderlust journey of discovery. You will learn about the different cultures in different foreign movies. You will get to discover their way of life and also amazing monuments that you would love to visit if ever you visit those countries. After watching foreign films with subtitles for close to a year now, I have realized how these films give their cultures great importance and that is how I know you will definitely discover a thing or two about different foreign countries by watching their foreign films. Apart from discovering all these good things about these different foreign countries, watching foreign films will help you discover your likes with films and whatnot.

3. Language Learning

Are you taking up lessons in a foreign language? If yes, how are you finding the journey? Is it intriguing? Is it captivating? If your answer is yes, then there is something you do that is very right and you should not stop it. If your answer is no, then there is something that you are not doing, that you should take up. Learning a foreign language can be very daunting and annoying if you don’t have a prior engagement or understanding of that language. I took French lessons in high school and I can tell you for sure there is nothing I regret in my life like that. I ended up failing and 9 years later I can’t even account for all the lessons I took. Watching a foreign French film with subtitles would have made my experience a little enjoyable and exciting because that is what I do nowadays. You won’t believe how better my French Vocabulary has been since I started doing this. What I’m saying that, watching a foreign film in the language you are trying to learn will help you immensely. This is because you will experience how the language is used in it is entirely by observing the dialogues in the film. Depending on what language you are taking up, you will definitely enjoy the process more by watching foreign films in that language. Foreign movies give you a great opportunity to pick up language skills. Subtitles allow you to learn unfamiliar words, and listening to the dialogue helps you grow accustomed to the sound of the other language. It can also be useful to watch English-language films subtitled in a second language.

4. Inspiration

As I mentioned in point, number one a lot of Hollywood films are usually inspired by a lot of foreign films. If you thought Hollywood comes up with their film scripts, then I will have to burst your bubble because that is not the case. They are not as original as you thought. The remakes rarely add a new angle, so they are bound to seem derivative. If that is the case imagine how inspired you would be if you watched foreign movies instead of English movies. The thing with foreign films is the mere fact that they are an inspiration and if you are a person who is planning to get into the filmmaking industry, they will really come in handy in giving you great ideas.

5. Varied

Foreign films vary so much and the reality is that you will have a lot of genres to choose from. The thing with English language films is that they all vary in genre but there are only so many production companies and scriptwriters can do. You will find thriller, romance, drama, science fiction movies, and so-and-so forth. It is very easy to feel like you have various choices for your enjoyment but the reality is that you will be watching the same storylines time and again. It honestly will get boring for you. If you decide to venture into foreign films with subtitles then you will have a plethora of different kinds from the many possible foreign languages there are out there. Korean films will vary from Chinese films or French and Spanish films. This is because they all have different ways in which they story-tell and so you will be exposed to film ideas that are captivating and interesting because they vary from each other. I will tell you this for free, if you are the kind of person who is adventurous and love finding new films to watch, you will get variety in foreign films. There is so much to discover with foreign films.

6. Unusual

Foreign film production companies have this tendency of creating films that are not the norm. By this, I mean that they come up with film scripts that are not normal. I don’t mean that these films are abnormal, but they are unusual and very intriguing. For people watching these films from those countries, they might conclude that the films are boring and repetitive but for the rest of us, the films are usually really exotic and captivating. You see the same way we say that Hollywood films are not exciting and usually have repetitive storylines, is the same way foreigners find their films. I will be sure to let you know that they find Hollywood films as amazing as we would find their foreign films. It is very normal for people of a particular locale to dismiss something that is local and get mesmerized with something that is foreign because they find it unusual. So, if you’re bored with the cookie-cutter movies produced in English, see what foreign cinema has to offer instead. There are so many amazing movies out there that we’d miss if we stuck to English.

7. Bolder Than Hollywood

Have you watched “Money Heist” or “Elite”? These are some trending foreign films of 2019/2020.  Maybe it is because I love me some Spanish movies but I can tell you for free, I have never watched a Hollywood film as brilliantly written as these two films and many more that I haven’t watched yet. Foreign films produce bold films that are exciting and captivating, while Hollywood is still playing safe with their films. It is 2020 and we all want to watch films that are all rounded. Films that are interesting, exciting, educative, inspiring, and any other thing that you might think of. Foreign films will offer you this, and more.

I believe after going through all these reasons, you are now ready to start watching foreign films and enjoy some benefits that come with it. There are a plethora of foreign films that you can start watching. Imagine all the possible films that you have been missing from all the countries in the world and then choose one that you would love to explore. I will promise you one thing, you will not regret and as you get deeper and deeper into them, you will thank me for putting you on to them.

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