Benefits Of Outsourcing Transcription Services

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Transcription Services - DubbingKing

If we could, we could all opt for in-house options as a way of dealing with some projects we have to carry out as cooperates or business owners but it is usually impossible to be a jack of all trades. This is the sole reason there are service providers who offer unique services at a cost. In this article, we will look at some benefits of outsourcing transcription services. 

Transcription is the process of converting audio files into written transcripts. A lot of businesses usually need transcription services for easy data collection and keeping. Below are some benefits of outsourcing transcription service.

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1. Free Time To Concentrate On Important Matters

Have you met people who are constantly doing everything and anything? Where do you think they get time to focus on any other thing that would be beneficial for their business or personal growth? It is impossible for such a person to get any free time to do anything else that would benefit them. The same concept applies to businesses who feel the need to carry out their transcription in-house, they end up using all their time dealing with something that they could easily get assistance in and spend the time they would have used to develop their business further. Outsourcing a service like transcription which can be really time-consuming will help you get free time to concentrate on other important matters that need your prowess.

2. Save Time

Transcription is a process that is really time-consuming and at times you might end up using so much time on a project that would take less time had you decided to outsource the services. A good example would be a cooperation that deals with a high number of audio files that they would love to transcribe into transcripts for easy data collection. If such a cooperation decided to do their transcription in-house, they will need to set aside a lot of time to do it to completion when they could simply hire a professional service provider who has professional transcriptionists who have the capacity and prowess to finish a project in a short time. Transcription service providers offer resources that a lot of cooperates would not have access to which would save them a lot of time.

3. Access To Experienced Staff

When you hear the words, professional service providers, you already know that you will have access to experienced staff who will be working on your projects. At a time when everyone is trying out their hand in the transcription career, it is very easy to get an inexperienced individual working on your projects without even knowing. This will end up with you receiving transcribed transcripts that are not per your company’s quality. Instead of risking all this, it is important to get a professional service provider who is certified and legit. They will guarantee you amazing transcription services that will end up boosting your business to greater heights. They can even match the transcriptionist knowledge to your subject so that you receive quality transcripts within a short period of time. If you decide to go the in-house route then be very ready for incomplete and imperfect transcripts.

4. Reduce Burden On HR

If you have been a Human Resource manager once in your life or know someone who is one, you might know how hard the process of recruiting new employees can be. Having to call for interviews, sift through resumes, and then take different potential employees through a couple of interview processes and eventually pick the best employee can be very daunting and stressful. You might conclude, well it is their job description and that they shouldn’t complain but let’s be real, transcription is not a common skill in normal office set up and there is no course that you can go and learn transcription. This makes it harder for human resource managers to find the best candidate for your in-house transcription works. Outsourcing these services from a professional service provider at an affordable cost will save your company a lot of resources going back and forth looking for the best transcriptionist.

5. Customer Support And Help

The biggest downside of handling any project in-house is the fact that you have to deal with any issues that might come up. Dealing with issues from all the other departments in your company is one thing now imagine having to deal with more issues from the transcription department. It can get really daunting at times and that is why when you outsource the transcription services you are guaranteed customer support and help. This means that any issue that arises during a transcription process will be dealt with promptly and easily and you are assured of quality and accurate transcripts.

6. Growth Strategy

For a lot of people outsourcing any kind of service is a way of taking money out of the company money pot into another, so they see it as a loss. Reality is that outsourcing professional services that you wouldn’t really be able to carry out in perfection and accuracy is an incredible benefit for your company. Be sure to choose a transcription service that prides itself in quality first, and has many years of experience. Leave the price as the third factor, because lower transcription rates will not necessarily translate to lower costs. Think of all the time you will lose cleaning up poorly transcribed material. If you think of it really hard, it is more of a company growth strategy than anything else.

7. Save Money

Imagine a scenario where you have spent at least a month doing in-house transcription for important audio files using transcriptionists who are not really professional, and they end up doing a bogus job. Further, imagine the money you had to spend to bring them in thinking they were the real deal and the money you used to pay them. All that will be money wasted which will be a loss for your company. Now you will have to outsource services from a professional and use more money on the same. You can avoid all these losses and save lots of money by hiring a professional service provider from inception.

8. Increase Ability To Handle Sudden Influx In Work

It is incredibly hard to deal with an influx of work when you’re dealing with everything in-house. In a scenario where you have a specific level of work that needs to be carried out by internal transcriptionists every other week or month, then it is advisable to work with an in-house team. It becomes really complicated when you constantly have an influx of work to be done and the in-house team doesn’t have the capacity to handle it and accurately in that case. Outsourcing for these services will make it easy for you to deal with any sudden influx in work and in the most professional way possible.

10. Objectivity/ Impartiality

Transcripts produced by a specialist transcription service are likely to be viewed by a third party as more professional and impartial than those produced in-house. This is because an outsourced transcriptionist is less likely to be affected by listener bias (where a person subconsciously hears only what they want or expect to hear). Independent transcription is especially important in cases where the organization commissioning the transcription could be seen as having a subjective interest or benefit from certain content. Objectivity is particularly critical for certain industries such as the legal domain, however, it is invaluable to all organizations.

11. Expand Your Transcription Needs

Once you have a trusted service provider who has done absolutely best transcription work for your audio files and at an affordable rate, you can later expand your transcription needs. This can be viewed in two different ways. You can expand your transcription needs by increasing the number of audio files your business needs transcribing monthly to a higher number. You can also do this by introducing a new category of audio files that will need transcription. If before you were dealing with the communication department files, you can step it up and add the marketing department files. This is made possible because of the help you will get from service providers which means you won’t have to deal with all the work by yourself. 

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