How To Choose The Best Transcription Service, Provider

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How To Choose The Best Transcription Service, Provider - DubbingKing

Transcription is a well-sort-after process, by a lot of businesses in this day and age. A lot of businesses want their audio/video files transcribed into text for easy record keeping or storage. Today, transcription services are used worldwide for transcribing webinars, seminars, lectures, interviews, court hearings, meetings, among other reasons.  As much as there are very many businesses offering transcription services at a great fee it is important to know how to decide on which service provider to work with for your files. The rate fees should not be the only factor that you consider when getting a transcription service provider. You might get a service provider who offers low fees for their services, but the quality of their work is pathetic, you might also get a service provider whose rate fee is on the higher side but their transcripts are of high quality. The vice versa is also applicable. The market offers many distinct options. However, how will you know what is the most suitable transcription service for you? While there are several criteria to consider for each category of business or organization, there are some essential features that you should consider when selecting transcription services. To help you choose the best transcription service providers, I have outlined the factors that you must consider before your final decision. 

9 Tips For Choosing The Best Transcription Service

How Do You Choose The Best Transcription Service, Provider?

1. Ensuring Quality – Accuracy Is Your First Priority

Different service providers have different transcribers working for them. The quality of transcription that service provider, A, is not the same as another service provider, B. In most cases service provider A might have low-quality services, while service provider B has high-quality services. As the client, you must ensure to look at the quality before you work with a particular service provider. We all know accuracy is paramount when it comes to transcription. If a service provider cannot offer quality services, they are not the kinds that you should work with. Serious businesses don’t work with automated transcription software for their projects, because these software, are often usually inaccurate. They resort in working with human transcribers who can provide higher-quality services. So before deciding on a particular transcription service provider be sure they offer excellent quality, and accurate services.

2. Transcriber’s Skills & Location – What Is Their Importance?

We are all well aware that transcription services are specialized services that usually need the prowess of a specialist. In this case, the said specialist is a transcriber who has an incredible skill-set, which gives them the capacity and range to work on projects and provide conclusive transcripts for their clients. Before working with a service provider, research how incredible the transcribers are. There are good transcribers and then there are incredible transcribers. All this is determined by their level of experience and the skill set that they possess. Depending on what industry you are in, it is important to work with transcribers who have expert knowledge in that industry because anything contrary to that, will end up being catastrophic. Be sure to work with a transcription service provider whose transcribers are well trained and possess a high level of skills that will ensure your project is worked on well and you receive amazing results.

3. Information Security – Look for Guaranteed Assurance

When it comes to important company files, confidentiality is something that a lot of clients always want. No one wants information about important aspects of their company being leaked by a service provider. So if you handle or work with highly confidential files, find a service provider who offers information security. More times than not, the service provider may guarantee your information security but their employees don’t follow through. You should work with a service provider who ensures that they can offer you and your business the security you need by making their transcribers sign NDA before they work on your protests. These NDA usually help in keeping their employees from talking about projects they work on. For transcription projects, the selection standards typically revolve around accuracy, speed, and price (and not always in that sequence). Failure to hire a service provider with robust security measures in place and suitable safeguarding technology can imply an expensive breach for your firm.

4. Get the Best Transcription Services at Affordable Rates

Before settling on a particular service provider, be sure to check their rates compared to the quality of services they offer. Transcription service providers are not cheap and as much as you would want to work with the best in the game, you should be able to do your research and compare the prices before you work with a specific one. The best one in the game might not be the best one for you depending on your financial muscle. If you take time to research, you will definitely get a service provider who offers quality services at a very affordable rate. The best transcription service providers are characterized by unmatched speed, accuracy, precision, and an affordable and transparent pricing structure. While putting all these factors in mind, it is important to work with an affordable service provider who ensures not to compromise on quality and turnaround times. You are in business and trying to make as much profit, and save as much as you can. This can only happen if you are keen on the service provider, you work with.

5. Do They Offer Transcription Services in Other Languages?

A good service provider is one that is versatile and offers an array of different services. When looking for a service provider, find out if they offer other language transcriptions. Most service providers offer only English language transcriptions and only that. It is not a bad thing but if your company is international and you have audio/video files from other languages, you should be able to work with a service provider who will guarantee you great quality transcripts for those files. Outsourcing is also an option but outsourcing doesn’t guarantee you the quality transcriptions that the company offers because they end up getting transcribers are not really at per with their own transcribers, who may offer quality transcription services. Be very specific about wanting to work with in-house transcribers who have been assessed and the quality of their work is credible before getting a service provider to work with for your foreign language transcriptions.

6. Look for Different Types of Transcription Services

There are very many categories in transcription and depending on what type you want as a client, you should be able to get a service provider that offers exactly that. Have you ever wondered why service providers offer a particular transcription and not all of them? Well, it is because getting transcribers who have specialized in a particular industry is usually hard. Service providers who can offer all the different types, usually vet their transcribers and make sure they have quality transcribers. This only means that they can deliver on any type and format of transcription service that you might be interested in as a client.

7. Turnaround Time – Speed Gets the Second Priority If Your Request is Time Sensitive

It is important to look at the turnaround times of different service providers before you commit to working with them. There are service providers who have a fast turnaround times but the quality of their services is not great. There are also those whose turnaround is fair, but the quality of their work is impeccable. There is really no one size fits all when it comes to turnaround times because it also depends on the number of files that you need to be worked on. When getting a service provider be sure to work with one who has a convenient turnaround time depending on project sizes but doesn’t compromise on the quality of their work.

8. Transcription Services FAQs

Transcription is a powerful tool for your business. It can simplify your work, enhance productivity, prevent errors, and guarantee accuracy in record-keeping. Being able to hire a service provider who will help you meet your goals is very essential and important for your business. Be sure to get all the answers to questions you might have. There are a lot of Q&As about transcription on the Internet that will help you with this segment.

All these factors will help you get the best service provider for your transcription projects. Choosing the best one for your needs is definitely the best thing you can do for your business. You should not compromise on quality while considering all these other factors. Hiring a dependable transcription service provider is vital to achieving your business goals. 

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