Importance Of Translation For Small Businesses

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Why is Translation Important To Small Businesses?

Translation is the reason a lot of businesses that we now refer to as multinational businesses have grown to the level they are at. This has been aided greatly by the emergence of the internet which has made the world a global village. The use of the internet and translation has made businesses grow to levels that they would have never expected and that is why we will look at the importance of translation to small businesses:

1. Translation for exporters and small businesses

The year is 2020, and any form of business, regardless of whether it wants to grow across the boards and be international, has the potential to do so without trying too much and that is because of translation. The mere fact that you might have multilingual potential clients is enough reason for you to look into translation as a way for you to cater to that audience and bring inclusivity for all in your business. Since the emergence of the internet, the world has become a global village. Seeing that anyone has access to any business anywhere in the world. It is important to note that, for this to be, one needs to have online platforms for their businesses. Therefore, a business might not be thinking of going global yet but if it carries products sought by international consumers, it may receive inquiries if they ship products internationally. So, translation has made it possible for small businesses to have potential in the export world seeing that they can export their products and services to people from different languages and cultures across the board. As long as you have your online platforms in different foreign languages, it is easy for your business to grow to a level where you are exporting goods to foreign customers. Translation facilitates faster and better communication between exporters and importers. If there is a need for face-to-face meeting, an interpreter might be required as well.

2. Bridging the language gap

Since time immemorial, English has always been referred to as the language of business. A lot of businessmen and women always carry their business meetings in the English language and it is no doubt because English is a National language for many countries out there. If your goal is to solely do business with the English speaking people, then translation won’t be of many benefits to your company. If you are the kind of businessman who wants their business to grow across boards and get into partnership with different foreign countries, then translation will play a big role in making this possible. Developing markets are worth exploring and you should be able to break the language barrier by using translation to reach your new audience. You cannot have your Business manifesto and objectives outlined in the English language while your target audience only understands the French language. You will need a strategy that will work well with your international audience and the only way this will be possible is by translating business materials and product information and making them language sensitive to your audience. This has a great impact on their international trade relations. While many countries speak English, business owners and consumers still prefer to conduct business in their own language. They put their trust more in companies that take the time and effort to have their information available in the languages their foreign consumers speak.

3. Compete better in domestic markets

Many people have this idea that you can only use translation if you are trying to penetrate an international market. Rightly so because many of the people who might be linguistically foreign are definitely people you will find in many international countries. Translation helps not only to prepare you for international markets. You might wonder why I say this and with absolute confidence. The mere fact that the United States of America has a plethora of immigrants who don’t speak the English language, means that that’s an audience that has not yet been tapped into. I don’t know what you would refer to that audience as but I would like to think they are local consumers who should also be included in your business manifesto as a target audience. Businesses are always in competition and using translation to include the foreign immigrants, will put you at a higher level when competing with other domestic markets who specialize in the same services and products you specialize in.  As a small business, the minute you understand what inclusivity for all means and are aware of different ethnic communities that your business doesn’t cater for, using translation to ensure you cater for them will definitely boost your business sales greatly and set you apart from your competitors. Translation can help you compete better in the domestic market, develop a new customer base, and improve customer loyalty and patronage.

4. Develop other revenue options

Have you ever wondered why business owners are advised to create websites for their businesses? Well, it is because having a website means that anyone and everyone will have access to your business from anywhere in the world. Regardless of where your business is from, having a website will open you up to potential customers from all over the world. This means that having a website will expose you to a lot of foreigners and you should be ready to cater to them in all ways that you can because they are potential customers who will bring revenue to your business. Translation is what will help you in ensuring that you cater to potential customers from different cultures who would stumble upon your website from time to time. Translation can help them understand the information about your company, your products, and services. Once your products gain wider acceptance, your revenue will exponentially increase. You can localize your website in a way that will relate to your potential customer’s culture. This can also get you more traffic to your business if your competitors haven’t decided to go that route so all foreign enquires in your line of work will always come to you. If these inquiries translate into purchases, then you stand to make more revenue and your company will grow. 

5. Better and cost-effective communication

When people say that communication is a paramount part of human lives, people ignore it and think it is not the case. For businesses to grow and do well locally and internationally, communication plays an enormous role in making sure that this growth happens. Effective communication with your foreign business partners in an international case will ensure that the business keeps flourishing. A lack of communication or poor communication will without a doubt stagnate a business. Effective communication with your foreign customers when you have promotions, sales, and any information about the business that you would love to pass on will always work to your business’s benefit. Localizing your website helps improve your customer support because all the information needed is available in the language your foreign consumers speak. Their user experience in using your website is enhanced because they understand what they see and read. This only means that communication is effective and understandable.

6. Better market penetration

Ever wondered why if you go to Spain chances of you purchasing a product from an English-speaking vendor are high compared to chances of you purchasing from a Spanish-speaking vendor? The reason this is so is because of familiarity. People are always drawn to something they are familiar with and in this case, an English-speaking vendor in Spain is more familiar than the Spanish-speaking vendor. When you bring the same concept to business, people will always want to consume products from a business familiar to them and in this case, the language you use on your website should be familiar to people of a specific language and culture. This will ensure that your business penetrates a foreign market easily compared to when they use the English language to lure foreigners. You do not have to spend too much on advertising and marketing because your localized website would do most of the work for you. You’ll be able to penetrate your target markets effectively because you talk to them in their own language. You minimize your expense and lessen the time to penetrate your target markets.

7. Miscommunication is minimized

We mentioned that translation bridges the gap of the language barrier so miscommunication is minimized or eliminated completely. This means that when you introduce your business to a foreign country, you already have the means to avoid your target customers from misunderstanding what your business entails. While localizing you ensure that the business website is localized in a way that the technical, linguistical, and cultural aspects are taken into consideration. Your liability is reduced because all the product information, marketing materials, product use agreements, end-user agreements, and contracts are translated into the target language.

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